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Tidus and Shuyin cosplay photos

My friends and I held a cosplay photoshoot last week. Two of my friends went as Tidus (FFX) and Shuyin (FFX-2), and I thought their costumes were nothing short of amazing, so I thought I'd share some photos with you guys. ^_^


Ready for battle!

Step into the light.

He did such an awesome job on the Brotherhood Sword~!

Summer Tidus for teh win~!


Searching for Lenne. Aww.

I guess he wasn't able to find her.

Instead, he found Tidus.

Tidus & Shuyin

After a game of Blitzball? ^o^


That's about it for now. Sorry about the watermarks and stuff... I've been a victim of photo theft so I'm trying my best to prevent it now. v_v; And I get this a lot, so - I didn't make a mistake with the 'ho' character. My last name's pronounced "ho-sun". ^_^

Oh, and if you're interested, the rest of the photos from this shoot (Kill Bill photos, randomness and all) can be found here (in my real journal). ^o^
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