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29th October 2008

chiaradiluna5:58am: awesome guy playing the Terranigma Underworld theme!
I had to post this .. this guy is playing the terranigma theme on his electric guitar:

he also plays many other themes from terranigma, other games, and even zelda games! he's really good :)
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5th July 2008

nytshadow1711:39am: Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy versus 13???

So i have heard a rumor that on this years E3 that square enix will release a date for the games release. I also heard that FFvs13 was placed on hold to finish up on FF13.  I heard that there may still be a chance for a release on FF13 this year, hopefully because i need some RPG's for my PS3....Does anyone know if this is true?

9th June 2007

moonkisu1:13am: 天地創造 CM
Rare Japanese Famicom Tenchisouzou/Terranigma Commercial I just found on youtube:

=) it's alot better then the Gaia Gensouki one, personally.
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9th May 2007

witchy_girl0099:55pm: SQUARE ENIX PAWNS!
Looks like Tetsuya Nomura is sure busy! I checked out Wiki for some offical (Japanese) websites (which are all from Square Enix JP) for some pics. THEY ARE SO AWESOME, DAMMIT. Besides Final Fantasy XII: Fabulla Nova Crystallis, check these cool upcoming games to grab.

It's a Wonderful Life (Nintendo DS) / Disidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)Collapse )

Damn it, damn it, NOW I'm wishing to get a DS and a PSP. (Well, actually, my bro will take the DS, LOL. XD)

I do hope more information will come out soon. X3

Want the links? Here:

It's A Wonderful Life http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_a_Wonderful_World_%28video_game%29

Disidia: Final Fantasy

Enjoy~ X3
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7th May 2007

witchy_girl00911:08pm: A prize I made...
Kingdom Hearts II: RoxasCollapse )

Damn, I didn't know drawing and coloring Roxas was THAT fun. XD

Yes, a prize art for TeamIbayo for winning deviantART's Square-Enix-Club's Easter Contest. (He asked for it. XD)


Well, you could say I was trying to use Tetsuya Nomura's style, but heck, I can't. And even if I want to, I'll just stick to this style. It looks good to me, and my talent. :D

Character by: Tetsuya Nomura

Copyright of Square Enix
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10th December 2006

moonkisu4:38pm: Very Rare japanese GaiaGensouki (Illusion of Gaia/Time) Commercial!
I was so excited when I found this, lol .. it's on Gamepressure.com, a site dedicated to video game commercials.

(Note: If the video doesn't work on the page, just download it to your computer, it's only 188kb.)

It's very short, but cool. I don't think it had an american commercial.

(x-posted to gamers)
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30th November 2006

moander6:44pm: An ill advised project?

That's so 2003.

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22nd November 2006

saintgem5:41pm: Valkryie Profile - Lenneth Plushie

Thought this might be cool here. :)

( Click here for details! )
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18th November 2006

firebyrd10:51pm: Sorry about the recent spam. I've tried to get rid of it as soon as it appears, and it's happened enough lately that I'm requiring moderator approval for new members at the moment. Hopefully this will just be a temporary measure until the spammer(s) give up on LJ.

13th October 2006

winter_chicken4:35pm: 1 Header
Hey there! I'm new to the community and have a FFXIII/FFvXIII header to share.

Under ze fake cut!

20th September 2006

firebyrd11:49pm: Rocket Slime!
Yesterday was the release day for Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the DS and it's a great deal of fun. It's an alternate universe to the more usual Dragon Quest setting and there are only monsters. You play Rocket, a Slime who's trying to save his town from the depredations of a group of tailed gangsters called the Plob.

It's more of an action-adventure game than an RPG but it's loads of fun. I've only been putting it down when my hands start hurting too much to let me continue. There's lots of good information out there about it, as it's been getting excellent reviews (I believe it was even EGM's handheld game of the month). I highly recommend it for those who are looking for a fun, quirky game.

Of course, this is a tough time. Which Square Enix games to pick? We have Rocket Slime, next week is Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, and in the next couple of months we have Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy III coming out. Still, I suggest you give this great title a try. Hey, it gives a person a great excuse to go pick up a black or pink DS Lite. ;)

13th August 2006

firebyrd3:15pm: Slime Knights
Slime Knights is ramping up its campaign. Formerly the official fan site of Dragon Quest VIII, it has now become the site for the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. It's a lot of fun with activities, events, and prizes to be won!

Firebyrd would like to invite you to become a member of Slime Knights!

21st July 2006

capt_kitty9:02pm: Well its that time again to post an icon batch!

Comment and credit!

Final Fantasy VII
Interview With A Vampire
Final Fantasy X
Angel Sanctuary
Magic Knight Rayearth
Pita Ten
Full Moon Wo Sagashite
V for Vendetta

I've Got A Jar Of Diiiirt!Collapse )
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12th July 2006

capt_kitty1:26am: 1st Challenge Completed
Hello! I'm new here and this is my icon blog so...^_^ Hope you enjoy!

Username: flowerpetals@GJ.com or capt_kitty
Credit: Photobucket, Deviantart, integrated@GJ.com, Livejournal, aiko_everfree@GJ.com
Album: I Am...
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Tracks: 16
Fandom: Aerith Gainsborough
Progress: Complete (16/16)

The Last CetraCollapse )
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13th June 2006

firebyrd7:54pm: Slime Knights
For those of you who enjoy Dragon Quest, let me invite you to join Slime Knights. It's the official fan website for Dragon Quest and things are gearing up in a new direction thanks to the upcoming release of Rocket Slime. Come check things out!

10th June 2006

witchy_girl00911:57pm: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer
Hey, does anyone here seen the FFXIII Trailer? I did. Just this morning. I was AWESOME, I tell ya!


Tetsuya Nomura, YOU RULE!!!
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22nd May 2006

jinnyeatworld8:08pm: Tidus and Shuyin cosplay photos
My friends and I held a cosplay photoshoot last week. Two of my friends went as Tidus (FFX) and Shuyin (FFX-2), and I thought their costumes were nothing short of amazing, so I thought I'd share some photos with you guys. ^_^

lots of Tidus & ShuyinCollapse )

28th April 2006

mercy_slays10:30pm: I made some bases for some icons that I plan to use for my final_kingdom RP journals, Squall and Maleficent to be exact and thought I should share. ^.^

Base Count:
29x Squall Leonhart
6x Maleficent

1. 2.

There's one thing I don't get. How can bases/icons be spoilers? O.o Oh well these were all created from Volumes 1 and 2 of the Kingdom Hearts Manga. I don't think they're spoilers but oh well. ^.^

( 35 Kingdom Hearts Manga Bases! )

17th April 2006

mercy_slays5:51pm: Fifty-Eight Icons! O.o Most are some that I have used/shown before but never really "promoted" for usage. Now's a good time as any, ne? Some are variations of other icons I have made. And others are old, possibly a year old that I never said anything about. ^^;

Again, feel free to take them so long as you comment and credit me either at lucifer_hisaki or mercy_slays.

The first icons are part of my iconfiend100 Prince of Tennis claim which can be found here

List of Icon Origins:
Prince of Tennis
Fullmetal Alchemist
Mirage of Blaze
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VII
Suits wo Nuida ato
Devil May Cry

1. 2. 3.

Sources: Find them here!

58 Icons!

30th March 2006

dundundunbatman11:48am: kh2 first impressions?
I haven't had a chance to pick up KH2 yet -- can anybody give me some first impressions? I'm still playing Chain of Memories.. soon as I'm done with this I hope to pick it up. :D

23rd January 2006

fairyprincessco10:59pm: Grandia III
I'm going to post this promotion because it isn't for another Livejournal community, so I assume it is ok.

I figured this would be the perfect place to tell people about this site because if anyone will appreciate it, you will! Square Enix sponsored a fanpimp site for Grandia III. You can do various challenges, watch videos and stuff to get points. The prizes are AWESOME! Who doesn't love the chance to get a free preorder of Kingdom Hearts 2?!?!

fairyprincessco would like to invite you to become a member of Hangar-G3!

16th January 2006

genkigeeks9:31pm: Inspired by Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy
I'm sure a number of you have come across The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés. My friends and I loved it so much that we had to dork out and make a little production based on the list.

If you're wondering about the title, it's because we're Fine Arts students. Being geeks.

RPG ClichésCollapse )

28th December 2005

twissie9:43pm: Icons From Old Enix Game;
I've become obsessed with playing around with photoshop, and decided to try and make some icons from my all time favourite game; Terranigma

I've made 12 Terranigma icons, they can be found over at my Icon journal.


( Follow the fake cut )

Comments are loved, credit is nice :)

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8th December 2005

revenantsoulx38:56pm: hokey, all i hafta say is this BEST be a lie, or i just mite fly to japan and go stark raving mad, and form some kind of angry mob... with pitchforks... and uh... knock over things!! O___<

i was just browsing thru ebgames.com. ykno, lalalaa, minding my own business. just checking shet out... and lo and behold...

"Final Fantasy XII
Pre-Order: Ships on 8/1/2006"


ARRRRGGGGG!! double yew tee eff man!!! wut is with squenix and their lazy asses pushing release dates back!?!? T_____T

hopefully thats a lie. i havent heard about it otherwise. i kno its been said that the release is may, and thats wut ebgames has said up until now. and with KH2, i checked once when they changed the date, and not too long afterwords it really did change ;_____ ;


*crais in corner*
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